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PIP Scandal

One of the biggest scandals of recent years has been PIP implant scandal. Thousands of women over the world were fitted with PIP breast implants. Many women who had breast implants found that although the surgery went according to plan, they subsequently suffered a range of symptoms. Many found that their implants ruptured and others expressed symptoms of discomfort or illness because of the implants.

  • Industrial silicone was used in the implants
  • 300,000 people affected across 65 countries
  • PIP implants have at least double the rupture of other implants

Who is responsible?

The manufacturer of the implants is a French company called Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP). They produced a product that used industrial silicone rather than medical grade silicon. It is estimated that the implants were fitted to 300,000 people across 65 countries. The Chief Executive of PIP was prosecuted and sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for aggravated fraud but women have been denied justice because PIP was insolvent. Now a French lawyer, Olivier Aumaître working exclusively in the UK and Ireland with Stanton Fisher Medical has made a legal breakthrough which will allow women from all over the world to pursue a claim for compensation.

The Case against TÜV Rheinland

A large German safety standards company, TUV Rheinland, had repeatedly certified PIP implants as safe. Olivier Aumaître, a French Litigation Specialist, was the lead Lawyer in the court action against TUV in the Court of Toulon, which ruled that the company had failed in its duty of vigilance and was liable for losses caused by reliance on its safety certificates. As a result of the action 1,700 women were awarded a €3,000 interim payment pending an assessment by an appointed medical expert for further damages.

This is a major boost to victims of the PIP scandal across the world. Olivier Aumaître and Stanton Fisher have formed a partnership whereby we have already submitted many thousands of claims for British and Irish victims to the court of Toulon. We are currently compiling claims for Olivier Aumaître to include in the next court action.

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